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Styling A Great Reception Area

Make sure your reception area  is visually clean. Keep the reception area free of trash. Avoid storing items like boxes of files within eyesight.

The reception desk and all workstations nearby should also be clean and organized. Assume visitors may look at any papers left out in the open. Therefore, keep confidential documents, and especially information about your customers or key vendors, hidden or out of the lobby entirely.

Have a clear traffic flow within the reception area. Make first time visitors to your office comfortable through visual cues that indicate exactly where to go to check in as soon as they step into your lobby. Pathways should be clear.

Inform visitors where the restrooms are. Use signage so visitors can direct themselves without needing to ask for assistance.

Offer cold and hot beverages, like water, coffee and tea. Extra credit for also providing healthy snacks. Napkins and visible trash and recycling bins will help keep your lobby clean.

Allow visitors to shed outerwear by giving them access to a coat closet or rack and umbrella stand.

Furnish your reception area with enough comfortable seating for your typical visitor flow

Provide reading materials, ideally about your own company, your industry and other topics that will interest your visitors

If you have a TV in the waiting area, use it wisely. Consider looping a video on your business. Highlight the products and services you offer. Otherwise, tune your television to a channel of general interest to business people like the news or financial information.

Music, too, should have broad appeal. Keep it quiet enough to allow employees and visitors can have a conversation in the lobby. Any employees within earshot of the door should wear headphones if listening to music at their desks. Headphones also help employees increase productivity by avoiding distractions.

Avoid overly strong and artificial odors. The aroma of coffee will delight most visitors as they step inside. Otherwise, with so many people suffering from allergies, perfumes, colognes and other cover up smells should be avoided.



1. The 23½° South latitude is known as

 (A) The Tropic of Cancer
 (B) The Tropic of Capricorn
 (C) The Equator
 (D) The Prime Meridian

2. A man weighing 65 kg jumps from a 100 ft high building with a load of 35 kg. What wlii be the load experienced by him?

 (A) 20 kg
 (B) 100 kg
 (C) 200 kg
 (D) Zero

3. The universal law of gravitation was propounded by

 (A) Kepler
 (B) Galileo
 (C) Newton
 (D) Copernicus

4. Summer solstice occurs in the Southern hemisphere

 (A) December 22
 (B) January 22
 (C) February 22
 (D) February 28

5. Microphone is used to convert

 (A) Sound waves into electrical energy
 (B) Sound waves into light rays
 (C) Electrical energy into sound waves
 (D) Sound waves into magnetic currents

6. Steel is more elastic than Rubber because

 (A) Its density is high
 (B) It is a metal
 (C) Ratio of stress to strain is more
 (D) Ratio of stress to strain is less

7. Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because

 (A) It always lets the steam escape
 (B) High pressure crushes the hard covering of rice grains
 (C) It does not let the heat energy escape easily
 (D) High pressure raises the boiling point of water

8. The clear sky looks blue because

 (A) Reflection of light
 (B) Refraction of light
 (C) Diffraction of light
 (D) Dispersion of light

9. The main reserves of phosphorus in the biosphere is in the

 (A) Hydrosphere
 (B) Atmosphere
 (C) Lithosphere
 (D) Troposphere

10. The normal threshold of hearing is around

 (A) 60-80 db
 (B) 45-60 db
 (C) 100-120 db
 (D) 25-45 db

11. Ozone hole refers to

 (A) Hole in ozone layer
 (B) Decrease in the ozone layer in troposphere
 (C) Decrease in thickness of ozone layer in stratosphere
 (D) Increase in the thickness of ozone layer in troposphere

12. Super conductivity is a phenomenon in which the resistance of a substance

 (A) Increases with temperature
 (B) Decreases with temperature
 (C) Does not change with temperature
 (D) Becomes zero at very low temperature

1. For seeing objects at the surface of water from a submarine under water, the instrument used is

 (A) Kaleidoscope
 (B) Periscope
 (C) Spectroscope
 (D) Telescope

2. If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body

 (A) Increases
 (B) Remains unchanged
 (C) Decreases
 (D) May decrease or increase

3. The largest planet of the solar system is

 (A) Earth
 (B) Mars
 (C) Jupiter
 (D) Saturn

4. Which is the closest planet to Sun?

 (A) Mars
 (B) Venus
 (C) Jupiter
 (D) Mercury

5. What is the instrument that determines specific gravity of liquids?

 (A) Hygrometer
 (B) Hydrometer
 (C) Gravimeter
 (D) Hypsometer

6. Primitive man first learnt

 (A) To make fire
 (B) To tame animals
 (C) To make a wheel
 (D) To grow grain

7. Solar Cell converts

 (A) Light energy into heat energy
 (B) Solar energy into electrical energy
 (C) Solar energy into sound energy
 (D) Solar energy into heat energy

8. The image formed on the retina of the eye is

 (A) Real and Inverted
 (B) Upright and Real
 (C) Virtual and Upright
 (D) Enlarged and Real

9. The blue colour of the water in the sea is due to

 (A) Refraction of the blue light by the impurities in sea water
 (B) Reflection of blue sky by the sea water
 (C) Absorption of other colors except the blue colour by water molecules
 (D) Scattering of blue light by water molecules

10. The oil in the wick of a lamp rises up due to

 (A) Pressure difference
 (B) Low viscosity of oil
 (C) Capillary action
 (D) Gravitational force

11. Food is cooked in a pressure cooker quickly because

 (A) Boiling point of water decreases
 (B) Boiling point of water increases
 (C) It absorbs heat quickly
 (D) It retains heat for a longer duration

12. A glass tumbler containing ice shows droplets of water on the outer surface because

 (A) The outer surface of the tumbler shows hygroscopic effect
 (B) The moisture in the air on coming in contact with the cold surface of the tumbler condenses in the form of droplets of water
 (C) Water from inside oozes out through minute porous wall of the tumbler
 (D) Both (A) and (C)

13. The sky appears blue because

 (A) It is actually blue
 (B) The atmosphere scatters blue light more than the others
 (C) All colors interface to produce blue
 (D) In white light, blue colour dominates

14. A thick glass tumbler cracks more easily than a thin one when hot water is poured into it. Why?

 (A) Thick glass is more brittle than thin glass.
 (B) Thick glass is of inferior quality.
 (C) The inner surface of the tumbler expands more than its outer surface.
 (D) The outer surface of the tumbler expands more than its inner surface.

15. In the visible spectrum, the colour having the shortest wavelength is

 (A) Green
 (B) Yellow
 (C) Violet
 (D) Blue

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Mental Ability Test Paper  for Architecture & Design Careers 

1. Write the number of the pair, the words of which do not have the same type of meaning as others.
(a) Shade and Colour (b) Drink and Sip
(c) Short and Tall (d) Happy and Contented

2. Which of the following pair is odd one out?
(a) Love, Affection (b) Abundance, Scarcity
(c) False, True (d) Sharp, Blunt

3. Complete the series:
1, 3, 10, 21, 64, 129, ?, 777
(a) 356 (b) 259
(c) 388 (d) 144

4. It takes 2 minutes to boil a single egg. How many minutes will it take to boil 5 eggs together?
(a) 10 (b) 4
(c) 2 (d) 5

5. If fifth of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week will precede the 19th of the month?
(a) Friday (b) Wednesday
(c) Saturday (d) Tuesday

6. Select the correct word to fill in the blank:
Gun is to Soldier as …… is to Blacksmith.
(a) Nail (b) Blower
(c) Hammer (d) Plane

7. If Land is to Train as Sky is to……
(a) Pilot (b) Air
(c) Aeroplane (d) Bird

8. Fill in the missing number to complete the series:
1 4 2 5 3 6 7 ……, ……
(a) 6, 8 (b) 5, 8
(c) 9, 7 (d) 6, 9

9. If 2 × 3 = 812, 4 × 5 = 1620 then 6 × 7 = ?
(a) 42 (b) 1214
(c) 2428 (d) 2442

10. If 5 boys write 5 pages in 5 minutes, in how many minutes can one boy write one page?
(a) 1 minute (b) 1
(c) 5 minute (d) 2.5 minutes

11. If Monday is to February, then Friday is to ……?
(a) July (b) June
(c) May (d) August

12. If March is to August, then C is to ……
(a) G (b) I
(c) H (d) J

13. An aeroplane files twice is fast than a train which covers 60 miles in 80 minutes. What
distance will the aeroplane cover in 20 minutes?
(a) 30 miles (b) 50 miles
(c) 35 miles (d) 40 miles

14. A lady is 5 years younger to her husband and he is 5 times as old as his daughter. If the
daughter was 5 years old 3 years back, what is the present age of the lady?
(a) 25 (b) 45
(c) 35 (d) 30

15. If LPPHGLDWH means IMMEDIATE what does WRSVHFUHW stand for?

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the four options:

16. Essence is to Flowers as …… is to Oven.
(a) Vapour (b) Steam
(c) Fire (d) Heat

17. Happy is to Sad as Straight is to ……
(a) Drawing (b) Curved
(c) Rounded (d) Vertical

18. Candle is to Sun as …… is to Sea.
(a) Lagoon (b) Boat
(c) Pond (d) Puddle
Fill in the blank spaces in the series with appropriate choices:

19. 2, 6, 5, 9, 8, 12, 11, 15 ……, ……
(a) 13, 17 (b) 14, 18
(c) 19, 23 (d) 21, 25

20. 48, 45, 40, 33, 24 ……, ……
(a) 11, 12 (b) 12, 13
(c) 9, 11 (d) 13, 0

21. Point ‘A’ is located 8 miles South of B and C is located 6 miles West of A. what is the
distance between C and B?
(a) 8 miles (b) 9 miles
(c) 11 miles (d) 10 miles
Write the number of the pair which is different from other pairs:

(a) Head and Cap (b) Pen and Pencil
(c) Ink and Inkpot (d) Oil and Lamp

(a) Culprit and Prison (b) Pupil and Teacher
(c) Patient and Hospital (d) Bird and Nest

24. Rs 2,000 amounts to Rs 2,226.05 in 2 years at compound interest. What will be the rate of
(a) 5% (b) 5.25%
(c) 5.5% (d) 6%

25. Write the number of the two words which have the same relationships as Comb and Hair.
(a) Toothache, Tooth brush (b) Paint and Wall
(c) Boot and Brush (d) Engine and Petrol
Fill in the blanks with appropriate choices:

26. Meat is to Vegetarian as …… is to Teetotaler.
(a) Mutton (b) Chicken
(c) Vegetables (d) Liquor

27. …… is to Goat is Milk is to Child.
(a) Fodder (b) Graze
(c) Shepherd (d) Grain

28. Soap is to Dirt as Petrol is to ……
(a) Dry Cleaner (b) Grease
(c) Car (d) Clothes

29. A man travels 2 miles, turns left and travels 3 miles, turn left again and travel 6 miles.
How far is he from the starting point?
(a) 4 miles (b) 7 miles
(c) 5 miles (d) 9 miles

Choose the word, which is of a different class from the others in the following:
(a) Chinese (b) English
(c) Bengali (d) Germany

(a) Triangle (b) Rectangle
(c) Circle (d) Rhombus

32. If BAD is coded as YZW and FIGHT is coded as URTSG. How will you encode HIGH?
(a) TRST (b) SRTS
(c) STSR (d) TSRT

33. If 9 × 7 = 3545 and 4 × 3 = 1520 then 6 × 8 = ?
(a) 5040 (b) 6050
(c) 4030 (d) 3040

34. If CAFÉ is coded as 3165 and HIDE is coded as 8945, how will you encode HEAD?
(a) 8514 (b) 5816
(c) 9156 (d) 8154
Fill in the blanks:

35. 1/3  : 1/4 :: 20x : ..............
(a) 18x (b) 16x
(c) 15x (d) 14x

36. ¾ :  ½  ::27y :  .................
(a) 21y (b) 16y
(c) 12y (d) 14y

37. If 20 – 4 = 10 and 30 – 6 = 10 then 40 – 8 = ?
(a) 30 (b) 24
(c) 10 (d) 28

38. If in a code, 52 – 36 = 97 and 46 – 78 = 1510, then how 53 – 62 can be encoded?
(a) 1520 (b) 88
(c) 2015 (d) 8800

39. A watch gains 12 seconds every 3 hours, what time will it show at 10 A.M. on Tuesday if the watch is set right at 3 A.M. on Sunday?
(a) 09 hrs 58 minutes (b) 09 hrs 57 minutes 8 seconds
(c) 10 hrs 2 minutes (d) 10 hrs 3 minutes 40 seconds

40. I bought a watch for Rs. 60. What will it fetch if I sell at a gain of 25%??
(a) Rs 72 (b) Rs 75 (c) Rs 77.50 (d) Rs 80

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