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Art, Architecture & Design Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development Classes For Architecture Studies Abroad (UK, USA, Canada, Singapore etc)

Portfolio Development Classes For Fashion Design, Fashion management & Interior Design  Studies Abroad (UK, USA, Canada, Singapore etc)

( Study Abroad Portfolios are fully customised as per the need of the student)

( Free Counselling and Visa Support available )

Portfolio Development Classes For Career Exams (B.Arch, B.Des, BFA)

Portfolio Development Classes For Interior Design Students & Fashion Design Students

Visual Art Classes For Architects & Designers

Visual Art Classes For Hobbyists

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1. Pen & Ink Art
2.Canvas Painting
3. Water Colour painting
4. Charcoal Art
5. Pencil Sketching
6. Colour Pencil Art
7. 3D Models


  • Three Week ( 12 classes of 2 hours each) ( One medium only)
  • One Month - 4 weeks ( 16 classes of 2 hours each) ( One Medium Only)
  • Three Months - 12 weeks ( 36 classes of 2 hours each) ( One-Two mediums)
  • Six Months - 24 weeks ( 72 classes of 2 hours each) ( One-Two-Three Mediums)
  • One Year- 48 weeks ( 96 classes of 2 hours each) ( All Mediums)
  • Customised classes according to student's requirement

Course Description

  • The  courses are designed to instruct beginning art students in drawing and painting with various mediums.
  • Students will become familiar with the principles and elements of design while completing a variety of assigned projects and experimenting with different media and processes.
  • In addition to art production, students will be introduced to art history, art criticism and aesthetics.

Course Goals

• Learn and develop technical skills in various artistic mediums.
• Ability to utilize visual communication as a means of self-expression.
• Develop rendering and compositional skills through a series of assignments.
• Incorporate research and written personal reflection into projects.
• Develop the ability to analyze and speak about art using the conventions of Art Criticism.

Required Materials

  1. Spiral Bound Sketchbook (A2 & A3)
  2. Canvas ( size will be specified in class)
  3. Pencils
  4. Colour Pencils
  5. Water colour paints
  6. Acrylic Paints
Other regular stationary items like eraser, sharpener, scale, geometry box, notebook etc should be there with the students. More items required will be informed from time to time by the faculty.

Stationary list link 

Course Expectations

These classes are designed to teach you methods of creating visual artwork portraying your power of observation and visualisation skills which is the actual basis of selection of your portfolio in any Art, Architecture or Design College in India or Abroad.

Apart from this we also teach you abstract methods to create visual artwork to include in your portfolio.
These classes will give you a deep idea of what all to create and include in your final admission portfolio for admission to Art, Architecture And Design Colleges of your choice.

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