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Fashion Studies Portfolio for Admission In UK Colleges

Crafting Your Fashion Design College Admission Portfolio for Studying in UK

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Study 'Fashion Design' in UK ( Bachelor & Masters)

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Fashion Design Entry Requirements

(1) Fashion entry requirements vary at each university, but a portfolio of creative design work is a must. We help you to create your portfolio according to the university guidelines. Our experts guide you through the creation of your full and final portfolio.

(2)Typical IELTS requirements: 6.0 overall, with no lower than 5.5 in any one component.

(IELTS Coaching provided)


Pursuing Fashion Design studies in a college in the UK will help you gain an advanced understanding of the global fashion industry. 

Fashion design embraces the design, production, and marketing of clothing, and can range from industrial to leisure goods across a range of sectors. A Fashion Design degree requires students with innovative thinking, creativity and professionalism.

Students will be provided with a comprehensive introduction and understanding of the design process, while learning to review and evaluate thier own creative design style in regards to fashion and creative industries.

Fashion is a highly competitive field and the colleges offer internships and work placements according to your performance, along with regular industry visits.

Studying fashion in the UK prepares students to succeed in a continually growing, innovative industry that provides cutting-edge teaching, design career prospects and deep insight into the world of fashion.

UK universities are globally renowned for their outstanding resources, state of the art facilities and access to experts from the world of fashion.


Graduate Fashion Design Careers

Fashion graduates can move into a number of different areas including design, illustrator, textile design, pattern cutter, buyer, PR, journalism, stylist, personal shopping, creative director and visual merchandiser.

Fashion is an extremely competitive industry and going on a placement during your degree is a must to ensure you can gain the required experience to remain competitive when applying for jobs after study.

We help you apply to study Fashion Design in the UK.

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