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Serendipity Arts Festival launches a new digital experience: 
SAF 2020 x You

April 24, New Delhi:  Serendipity Arts Festival is launching a new digital experience for all those who are braving the pandemic in quarantine and living in lockdown. SAF 2020 x You, a digital initiative, starting from the 25th of April, will be evenly spread across 5 - 6 days and will be hosted on the different social media platforms of the Festival, supported by a new, specially designed webpage.

The new webpage will carry the essential details about the daily offerings of this digital collaborative festival. The virtual festival will be bringing a range of multi-disciplinary experiences, from a cross section of the arts in the form of archived and aggregated content from the past and present. The offerings will see a diverse mix of content presented through webinars, performances, readings and workshops. People can expect to be a part of special sessions by the likes of Bickram Ghosh, tabla virtuoso and percussionist, Ranjit Barot, Drummer & Percussionist and curator of the music discipline from the Serendipity Arts Festival 2016, Sneha Khanwalkar, music director and curator to the Serendipity Arts Festival. Along with messages and special presentations by notable artists and curators who have been associated with the Serendipity Arts Foundation & Festival like Vidya Shivadas, Rahaab Allana, Ravi Agarwal, Veeranganakumari Solanki, Anuja Ghosalkar, Niketan Sharma, Astad Deboo and many more. Much like the annual festival the digital experience will also package elements for people of all ages. Ranga Shankara Theater, envisioned by Arundhati Nag, actress, theater personality and curator, will do special readings and storytelling sessions for children from fables and children’s literature. The programming will also include several workshops on theater, music and culinary arts for everyone to participate in and rejoice from the comfort of their homes. 

Speaking about SAF 2020 x You, Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Founder Patron, Serendipity Arts Foundation, said, Over the years,  Serendipity Arts Festival has become known as a people’s festival. We wholeheartedly support creative inclusion, and have worked hard these past few years to remove the hurdles and barriers that exist between the arts and people. At a time when people across all nations are hurting, and lives have been disrupted, the arts brings us together and helps us stay connected. SAF 2020 x YOU celebrates the human spirit, the ability to support each other, and to come out on top of any crisis with the human spirit and humanity intact. We hope this will brighten your day and give you reason for joy.”

The official hashtag of the digital festival would be #SAFeFestival, and its daily programming would be offered through the digital platforms of the Serendipity Arts Festival. Both the aggregated and original content is bracketed into four segments namely Exhibitions, Performances, Workshops and Readings/Resources. The content put up in these brackets would be shared by the partners and affiliates, past and present curators and artists from previous editions, along with a combination of popular content available from public sources, with due credit to the publisher.

 Speaking about the initiative Ms. Smriti Rajgarhia, Director, Foundation and Festival mentioned, “At Serendipity Arts Foundation, we have been inspired by the resilience and strength of the arts community, in offering kindness, hope and faith through the arts to the wider public, even as we collectively experience these strenuous times. We would like to thank the arts community for their efforts in keeping the arts alive and roaring, through this rough patch and bring some comfort to people.” 

For more information and the daily schedule please visit 

About Serendipity Arts Foundation
Serendipity Arts Foundation, a Munjal initiative for creativity, is a not-for-profit arts and cultural development Foundation that fosters cultural development and supports emerging artists across South Asia. The Foundation aims to promote new creative strategies, artistic interventions, and cultural partnerships which are responsive, addressing the social, cultural and environmental milieu of South Asia. The Foundation’s programmes are designed and initiated through innovative collaborations with partners across a multitude of fields, impacting education, promoting social growth via community development programmes, and exploring interdisciplinarity across the arts.

About Serendipity Arts Festival
The Foundation's primary initiative and largest project, Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts event held annually every December in Goa. Curated by a panel of eminent artists and institutional figures, the Festival is a long-term cultural project that hopes to instigate positive change across the arts in India on a large scale. Spanning the visual, performing and culinary arts, the Festival’s programming includes music, dance, visual arts, craft, photography, film and theatre. The Festival addresses pressing social issues such as arts education and pedagogy, cultural patronage, interdisciplinary discourse, and accessibility to the arts. Serendipity Arts Festival’s intensive programme of exhibitions and performances is energized by spaces for social and educational engagement.


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Facebook: @serendipityartsfestival       
**Universally, this pandemic has taught us to come together and rally around the greatest strength we possess - the human spirit. Through all this, we at SAF are re- emphasizing what is most important - our audience, our team members and our beloved community. 

As we sit at home, checking the news countless times to see how the vaccine for COVID-19 is progressing, our perception of time changes. Distances have changed, the value of a hug has altered, the importance of friends, family, and community is stronger than before. The things we took for granted have been made abundantly clear. Everything we knew “before Covid” will be redefined by philosophers and poets, historians, environmentalists, and economists in years to come. Our team has been working tirelessly and thinking about the ways in which we could
both engage and support the human spirit. Our team has been putting together newsletters which include recommendations on film, music, books, online courses etc.

We are, however, particularly fortunate to be at a point in time where technology allows us to explore and experience the arts like never before. From the comfort of your home, you can virtually travel to see / hear /experience / participate in a range of exhibitions, concerts, performances and workshops, all just the click of a link
away! We would like to thank the arts community for their efforts in keeping the arts alive and kicking! In this vein, we invite you to SAF 2020 x You. From April 25th onwards, join us to experience a multi-disciplinary cross section of the arts, both regional and international, in an online festival of sorts. In the spirit of collaboration, join us on this journey travelling, learning, and spreading joy through the arts. The show will go on!

#StayHome #StaySafe



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