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Post Graduate Certification In Interior Design


This is a 2-year super specialisation programme, which has been curated for students of Architecture (B.Arch) , who want to specialize in the field of Interior Design and for Graduate Interior Designers (B.Des or B.Sc ID/ B.A ID) who would like to go in for specialisation programmes. This course prepares students fully for challenges in the Interior Design and Interior Styling Industry. 

This pioneering new Programme will challenge the students to explore space through the intersection of theory and practice, positioning them to shape a future in Interior Design that is innovation - based and interdisciplinary. It also offers unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible products, services and experiences. 

The main formative objective of the Super Specialization Programme in Interior Design is to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject in all aspects whether it is space planning , interior landscaping or interior product and accessories design. 

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The course will cover the following modules:

  • ·        Residential Interior Design For High End Clients
  • ·        High End Commercial Spaces Design
  • ·        Hospitality Spaces Design Studio
  • ·        Furniture Design Studio 
  • ·        Media Communication Skills
  • ·        Sustainability and Interior Design
  • ·        International Trends In Interior Design 
  • ·        Show Home Styling Studio
  • ·        Studio for Exhibition Design
  • ·        Studio For Set Design
  • ·        Interior Photography  
  • ·        Window Display and Visual Merchandising
  • ·        Project Management Basics for Interior Design
  • ·        Vastu Essentials In Interior Design


This advanced interior design course will focus on areas that will allow graduating Architecture or Interior Design students and industry practitioners to hone their practice and develop new skills more suited to contemporary practice in international interior design. 

In this advanced course we focus on interior design for the residential and corporate markets. In addition we look at interior design and styling for editorial, marketing and advertising photo shoots. It is a course that will give you advanced input in these areas of the design industry. 

LST London, working closely with cutting edge practitioners in the UK and USA, giving the course a truly international perspective, has developed this course. There will be lectures and presentations by local and international faculty. In addition, the delivery of course will employ the latest e-learning technology in the classroom, supported by regular visits by British and American tutors to supervise set projects. You will learn how to engage with a client brief, work with style boards and vendors in order to develop and execute a project. You will also learn how to set-up and promote your own interior design business. 

The course aims to help you to develop confidence in order to enable you to make informed design choices and propose your own interior styling and design solutions. By the end of the programme you should gain a better understanding of design for corporate, residential and hospitality interiors and styling for photo shoots. You will have learned how to define a style and work with that genre at a very high standard. You also will have learned the business side of interior design and how to promote yourself and advance your career within the field.

The course will cover the following modules:

  • ·        Residential Interior Design For High End Clients
  • ·        High End Commercial Spaces Design
  • ·        Show Home Styling Studio
  • ·        International Trends In Interior Design
  • ·        Media Communication Skills
  • ·        Sustainability and Interior Design 
  • ·        Interior Photography  
  • ·        Window Display and Visual Merchandising
  • ·        Vastu Essentials in Interior Designing

Both the above course modules will deal with:

• The importance of defining a style: modern, contemporary, traditional and transitional
• Designing to global standards and trends
• How to achieve an ‘East Meets West’ look
• Colour therapy and psychology
• How to pull together a style scheme, using colour pattern, textures, green spaces / nature, furniture, lighting, form and arrangement
• How to source and incorporate custom materials
• How to prop and accessorize a space
• How to interpret a client’s requirements and come up with design concepts
• How to respond to brief from a client, research, source products and present your ideas on style boards
• Developing relationships with vendors (We will visit a key area for sourcing in Delhi and meet with local vendors.)
• How to set-up and start your own interior design business 
• How to promote yourself as an interior designer in a contemporary environment
• You will practice and refine your methods of verbal and visual presentation 
• Design for green spaces 

Who should take this course?

  • ·        Graduate Architects wishing to specialize in the Interior Design Field
  • ·        Graduates Interior Designers wishing to enhance their existing basic knowledge
  • ·        Practitioners wanting to update their skills and to develop a conceptual approach to their work.

     For enquiries please call Ms Anindita Roy, HOD Interior Design, London School Of Trends (9818541252)


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