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Design Education In India

Design, A Vital Component Of Economic Development And Social Well Being

Design being still a relatively new field for India, students and their parents have little or no idea of how to choose this stream or a college for their ward. Tougher even, is how to prepare for the entrance examination for design.

We already know the value of design as a vital component of economic development and social well-being. India’s competitiveness as a global economy hinges on our ability to harness that power of design. 

Need For Design Education

Design education in India is a valuable asset, which must be nurtured so it can go from strength to greater strength. We need a sufficient number of designers to drive the industry and to devise solutions to face up to challenges such as sustainability, smart cities, clean India, and effectively delivering public services. 

It is a misconception amongst parents (and also students) mostly about design being just a glamour field. At the back-end of the most glamourous looking design field, Fashion Design, lies a lot of hard work and studies too. Interior Design is very different from basic ‘Interior Decoration’ and is very much a technical field of study apart from being an artistic field of study too.

Fields In Design Education

But Fashion and Interior Design are not just the two faces of ‘Design Education’. There are many more fields to choose from eg Industrial Design, Product Design, Graphics Design, Interaction Design, Animation Design and so on and so forth. Every stream of design has a great career possibility today. Design, as a profession has a bright future in India and globally.

Architecture, which is called as the ‘Mother Of All Designs’ is also frowned upon by the parents and teachers. Everybody wants their ward to become a doctor or an engineer.

Guidance For Design Education

It is time now that the students are given a proper guidance so that our future ‘Design Thinkers’ are not suppressed and are allowed to study ‘Design’ by dispelling the misconceptions in the mind of their well-wishers.

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by Anindita Roy ,, 9818541252

Design Education In India

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