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Fashion Communication

Communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another.

Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we may communicate about a subject, the subject becomes a lot more complex. There are various categories of communication and more than one may occur at any time.

The different categories of communication include:

Spoken or Verbal Communication: face-to-face, telephone, radio or television and other media.
Non-Verbal Communication: body language, gestures, how we dress or act - even our scent.
Written Communication: letters, e-mails, books, magazines, the Internet or via other media.
Visualizations: graphs and charts, maps, logos and other visualizations can communicate messages.

Fashion Communication

Fashion communication is a kind of 'Visual communication in Fashion' where the conveyance of ideas and information in forms are conveyed by various methods . It is a broad spectrum which includes signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, advertising, animation, color, and electronic resources.

Now, to communicate about 'Fashion' , you will need to learn the basics of Fashion Design first.

Hence, any 'Fashion Communication' course will teach you the basics of 'Fashion Design' in the first year along-with other subjects. You will continue to learn about Fashion Design through the second and third years too. However, in the second and third years the focus will be more on the methods of communications and market strategies. 

Without the basic knowledge of 'Fashion Design' is it not possible to 'Communicate' about Fashion. The student is hence expected to learn the basic nuances of Fashion Design well in the First year of their 'Fashion Communication' studies.

A typical 'Fashion Communication' syllabus will have the following details: ( Course content and sequence may vary from college to college to some extent )

Semester 1
Introduction to the Global Fashion & Textile Industry
Communication Concepts & Processes - I
Fashion Art Illustration - I
Fashion Model Drawing - I
Fashion Appreciation
Introduction to Pattern Making
Introduction to Garment Manufacturing Techniques - I

Semester 2
Communication Concepts & Processes - II
Fashion Art Illustration - II
Fashion Model Drawing - II
Textile Appreciation
Introduction to Garment Manufacturing Techniques - II

Semester 3
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - I
Fashion Promotion - I
Fashion Journalism - I
Visual Merchandising & presentation - I
Fashion Photography - I
Fashion Forecasting - I
Communication Skills - I

Semester 4
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - II
Fashion Promotion - II
Fashion Journalism - II
Visual Merchandising & presentation - II
Fashion Photography - II
Fashion Communication Strategy - II
Fashion Forecasting - II
Communication Skills - II

Semester 5

Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - III
Fashion Promotion - III
Fashion Journalism - III
Visual Merchandising - III
Fashion Photography - III
Fashion Communication Strategy
Portfolio Development & Presentation
Fashion styling
Communication skills - III

Semester 6
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - IV
Fashion Event Management
Exhibition & Display Design
Graphic Design for Fashion - I
Creative advertising & media Planning - I
Fashion Journalism - IV
Communication Skills - IV

Semester 7
Fashion Material Studies - I
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - V
Graphic Design for Fashion - II
Creative advertising & media Planning - II
Fashion Journalism - V
Communication Skills - V

Semester 8
Fashion Material Studies - II
Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - VI
Visual merchandising & presentation - IV
Fashion Promotion - III
Communication Skills - VI

This write-up is just to give an overview of what you will be taught in a Fashion Communication Course so that you may take a decision as to opt or not to opt for a course in Fashion Communication.

Best of Luck For Your Career 

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