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Surface: 01 An exhibition of emerging artists at Delhi’s new creative artspace

Preview date : 12 October 2018
Exhibition dates : 13 - 14 October 2018

ArtBuzz Studios
E-49/5, 2nd Floor, Okhla Phase 2, New Delhi, 110020

Astha Mittal | Abhinav Chowbey | Aditya Raj | Anirudh Acharya | Ankit Khurana | Anupama c.Hara | Anusha Vikram | Arjun Sara | Ashish Dhola | Devki Modi | Honey Gupta | Kanchan Sharma | Kritika Anand | Mebin Varghese | Megha Madan | Nehmat Mogia | Waleed Zafar | Prasoon Podder | Rohan Avnekar | Saloni Agarwal | Samriddhi Kukrja | Santanu Dey | Shanti Kasi | Shivangi Ladha | Siddharth Sarohi | Smriti Sangal | Tavishi Saini | Vernika Prakash | Yashika Sugandh
October 2018: ArtBuzz Studios is pleased to announce Surface: 01, an exhibition of emerging artists which will take place at ArtBuzz Studios in Okhla, New Delhi on 13 and 14 October 2018, with a preview on 12 October.

ArtBuzz Studios, founded by Anubha Gupta and Amisha Chowbey, is an open, artist-friendly venue for creative individuals and a place where artists can create in a community, meet fellow artists as they progress in their artistic journeys. It leaves room for exploration and experimentation, opening up a dialogue and extending the exhibition space to artists outside the gallery.

The exhibition will showcase 31 emerging artists from across the country, including Abhinav Chowbey, Ankit Khurana, Arjun Sara, Devki Modi, Kritika Anand, Waleed Zafar, Samriddhi Kukrja, Shivangi Ladha, Siddharth Sarohi, Smriti Sangal, Vernika Prakash and Yashika Sugandh, amongst many others.

Anubha Gupta, co-founder at ArtBuzz Studios says “We wanted to support the phenomenal amount of young talented artists in Delhi, who lack a space and platform. What started as an idea to promote artists who co-create at ArtBuzz Studios, evolved into an open platform encouraging creative exchange, and dialogue whilst also assisting young artists in developing their careers. Surface: 01 has been our most ambitious project to date.”

Amisha Chowbey, co-founder, says “We’re enjoying every bit of the madness, shortlisting and curating, meeting talented artists along the way and sharing our passion for the growth of art. The first of many more to come, we’ve always looked forward to a project that explores the potential of ArtBuzz Studios in the way it was intended to be. We really hope the young creative community in Delhi will support our exhibition and come to the preview on 12 Oct.”

Highlights of the interdisciplinary exhibition include Arjun Sara's work with the geometric form of circles in the series titled : 'Sara Substance'; Prasoon Poddar's artwork titled ‘Hey...Rama’ which weaves in the concept of soiled currency notes that were collected over a period of 2 years, and Devki Modi Jain's video art 'somewhere. everywhere. nowhere' that explores the idea of a pichvai (screen).

This is a unique opportunity for young artists to showcase their work to the Delhi art world, grow and develop their careers. ArtBuzz Studios will offer advice and guidance to short-listed applicants on how they can promote their work, introducing them to collectors and covering exhibition installation costs. ArtBuzz Studios will not take commissions from art sales - the full proceeds from artworks sold will be given to the artist.


About ArtBuzz Studios
ArtBuzz Studios aims to provide a free and open platform for local arts and artists in Delhi, with the intention of fostering, sustaining, and supporting emerging artists whilst also energising Delhi’s thriving creative community (especially the younger demographic) with unique workshops and events.

The studios are non-residential and for working artists. Facilities include, an open plan communal studio space (which can accommodate fifteen artists), ten private studios, traditional printmaking facilities and an open-air terrace. The space can be converted to host exhibitions, talk, workshops and other events.

Founders aim to create a supportive, vibrant and eclectic artistic community where creativity can be nurtured, they want to address the lack of support networks and facilities for younger artists and create an inclusive space that inspires constructive critique and creative collaboration.

The core objective of ArtBuzz Studios is to create platforms and events that support young creative practitioners in the city with a goal of making art inclusive and accessible to all, with a particular focus on artists who have recently completed their arts education, and who have with limited prior exposure to the art world. Our space is a catalyst for dialogue between artists, curators, community organisations, galleries, museums, and others in the cultural sector encouraging open creative collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration.

About Amisha Chowbey
Amisha graduated from LSR, Delhi in 2008 where she studied English Literature. A writer by profession, her contributions to valued publications include the likes of Hindustan Times, The New Indian Express, Tehelka, The Financial Express and Indian Contemporary Art Journal.
She took her passion to alter the outlook of art in the youth and reach maximum followers to newer heights with ArtBuzz. When not chasing deadlines, she loves to read, travel and play the piano.

About Anubha Gupta
Anubha is a Postgraduate in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London and a graduate in English Literature from Jesus and Mary College. She is passionate about the arts and in her career explored professional opportunities with private art galleries, government aided NGO and an art fair. As a young collector, she has strived to build a value creating online portals like but now aims to fulfil her long standing vision of building a brick and mortar platform which can help empower younger artists. ArtBuzz and ArtBuzz studios are just a step in the same direction.

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