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Serendipity Arts Foundation present the 2nd Art Spectrum Awards

The Serendipity Arts Foundation present the 2nd
Art Spectrum Awards: South Asia (ASA:SA)

29 January 2019:  Serendipity Arts Foundation and MOJARTO in collaboration with NDTV presents the 2nd Art Spectrum Awards: South Asia (ASA:SA) on 2 February 2019.

The ASA:SA award aims to reward and encourage creative, transformational initiatives that are making tangible differences to the future of the arts in South Asia promoting growth and via a platform for the arts that supports and leads the interdisciplinary artistic movement in India.

The awards reflect the Serendipity Arts Foundation's commitment and continual support of arts development in India. Elaborating further Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Founder and Chairman, Serendipity Arts Foundation said, “The Serendipity Arts Foundation is committed to creating sustainability in the Arts and spread awareness of the rich cultural heritage of India by making art and culture and our outreach platforms as inclusive as possible. To realize this commitment the process of recognition plays a great role and adds impetus to the efforts of these brilliant and young artists across various disciples. The Arts Spectrum Awards: South Asia has been conceptualized to do just that and recognize work of progressive and unique artistic caliber. I wish the very best of luck to all the nominees of the different categories at the 2nd annual Art Spectrum Awards.”    

Honouring individuals for their unique aesthetic and artistic contributions to the cultural landscape, nominees and winners are selected by an eminent panel of artists, collectors, cultural policy makers, arts institutions, arts patrons and disciplinary specialists. The award aims to cultivate India’s artistic development and cultural evolution by highlighting the most significant and innovative projects over the previous year’s art calendar, with an emphasis on organisations and individuals that driving social and public engagement across disciplines.

Prominent thespian and esteemed jury member Mr. Feisal Alkazi said, We are in that point in history where regional boundaries are blurring with our ability to transcend the cultural barriers. South Asia in particular as a region has had a similar cultural mosaic with synchronized sensibilities and this should be unified for attaining long standing relationships and sustainable practices. ASA:SA in that sense plays the role of a quintessential unifier that is taking baby steps in weaving together the  cultural ethos of the region.”

With the objective of supporting and encouraging creative dialogue across disciplines, the awards include special categories for theatre and the culinary arts. ASA:SA aims to inspire emerging artists and practitioners, celebrating innovation, artistic integrity and contributions to education for meaningful and diverse social engagement.

This year’s award and nomination categories include:


Celebrating unique collections in South Asia with a focus on collectors who have used their personal collections to educate and enrich the community, whilst also preserving a cultural heritage.
Visual Arts Under 45 Years of Age (Painting/Photography/Sculpture/Installation)

Awarded to an individual who has shown not only technical excellence and aesthetic prowess but also has used their oeuvre to make an impact socially and educationally in their particular field.

(Arts Initiative)

Awarded to an artist/collective who has initiated public art projects that have had significant cultural and social impact through immersive urban integration.

Crafts “Skills of hands and mind”

Awarded to the designer/house in the field of stone, wood, textiles and metal that has used traditional techniques combined with modern technology to rethink and redefine design and production processes.

Performance (Theatre)

Awarded to an individual/collective using traditional practices and making a contemporary performance piece in an alternate space.


Awarded to an individual/collective for creative simplicity, sensory complexity, and excellence in the discipline of gastronomy, as well as engaging with  ideas of sustainability with an emphasis on regional flavours.

The nominations panel this year included influencers and experts from across the creative disciplines including: Kiran Nadar, Preeti Ambani, Sidharth Shanghvi, V Sunil, Raj Salgaonkar, Kapil Chopra, Anurag Khanna, Lillete Dubey, Wendell Rodricks, Prasad Bidappa, Sohail Hashmi, Abhishek Majumdar, Shriram Aylur, Sunil Kant Munjal, Marut Sikka, Uzma Irfan, Jyotindra Jain, Jaya Jaitley, and Sneha Khanwalkar.

About Serendipity Arts Festival

The Foundation's primary initiative and largest project, Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts event held annually every December in Goa. Curated by a panel of eminent artists and institutional figures, the Festival is a long-term cultural project that hopes to instigate positive change across the arts in India on a large scale. Spanning the visual, performing and culinary arts, the Festival’s programming includes music, dance, visual arts, craft, photography, film and theatre. The Festival addresses pressing social issues such as arts education and pedagogy, cultural patronage, interdisciplinary discourse, and accessibility to the arts. Serendipity Arts Festival’s intensive programme of exhibitions and performances is energised by spaces for social and educational engagement. 

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