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NID DAT Exam Analysis 2019

NID DAT Exam Analysis 2019 
Question numbers 
Marks per question 
Total marks allotted
Part I 
Objective type  questions 
1 to 22 
·         Questions( 1 to 14) - 1 mark
·         Questions (15 to 22) - 2 marks
30 marks
Part II
Subjective type questions
23 to 26 
·         Question (23) - 15 marks
·         Question (24) - 20 marks 
·         Question (25)- 15 marks 
·         Question (26) - 20 marks, which was subdivided into three parts. 
70 marks

NID DAT 2019 Exam Analysis 

Objective Part ( GK, maths, English, Visual / aptitude)- According to NID DAT 2019 analysis, the objective part which was multiple choice questions consists of 22 questions and the total marks allotted for the same was 30. The questions this time were based on general knowledge, textile and reasoning, which was of an easier level. 

Drawing Part - The subjective part, which was drawing section wherein students were given blank spaces where they had to make their drawings.
The drawing section was based on perspective questions and the types of questions asked were as follows:

Question No.
NID Entrance Exam Questions 2019 for BDes Admissions
A picture of a room was given and there was a window in the room and you are on a ladder and looking into the room. You had to draw what you see in the room.
A picture from a side view was given and students had to draw it from the front view. The picture had a dead old man, a dog barking towards the thief. Students had to draw this picture from the front view.
Design a circular stamp commemorating the 160th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Colour your composition.
Draw a man or a woman sitting on a table and in front of them there is a spoon, a fork and a plate.
Draw to depict that all that is gold does not glitter in a realistic manner (real life situation) and write a five lines on it.
Draw a fork and a spoon that have been brought together at the handle.

NID DAT 2019 Exam Analysis - Questions asked in the Exam

As per NID DAT exam analysis, the NID DAT 2019 entrance exam was divided into two part - Part I and Part II. Part I and part II comprised objective and subjective types questions, respectively. Part I comprised 22 questions while part II consisted of 4 questions.

You can read below to know the types of questions asked in NID DAT 2019. 

Part -I (MCQs)
1. Transgender symbol
2. A picture of strokes was students had to distinguish which one was the correct one (Calligraphy pen, flat brush etc. 
3. A textile pattern was given which was to be identified
4. Cotton, coir, jute and wool - choose the odd one out
5. One of the options that is not a classical dance form 
6.  Name the instrument that Annapurna plays
7. Which animal is the design inspiration of Japanese Bullet Train
8. What was the navigation aid in ancient times
9. Names of Indian personality - one of them was not an artist
10. Highest sporting award in India
11. Determining Relationship based on circle patterns - Boys/Girls/Siblings/sister
12. Mother and child together are 70 kg, father and child together are 90 kg, mother and father are 120 kg, then was is the combined weight of the family
13. Graph-based question
14. Shape based question - rotate the vase and identifying the core of shape

MCQ - (15-22) were visual aptitude, picture and pattern-based questions and were awarded 2 marks. 

Part II- Subject/drawing questions
23. Draw the picture of the room from the point of view of a person climbing a ladder and looking through the window (15 marks)
24. Draw a real-life situation of "all that is gold does not glitter" with 5 lines of interpretation (20 marks)
25. Design a circular stamp on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary (15 marks)
A) Visualise and draw a person sitting on a dining table with a plate, a stainless steel spoon and a fork in from of him (8 marks)
B) Visualise and draw an ant's point of view sitting on the tip of the handle of a spoon (6 marks)
C) Visualise and draw a spoon and fork tied together in a knot at the handles (6 marks)

NID DAT Prelims 2019: Subjective Questions asked for MDes Admissions
As per NID Entrance Exam student reaction 2019, some of the subjective questions asked in the exam are as mentioned in the table below:

   Question No.
NID Entrance Exam Questions 2019 for MDes Admissions
For Product Design: You are going for a trek. Design a product that fits a bottle, shoe, sandwich, book and phone. Draw this product and explain how it can be used.
For Interaction Design: In the future India will be voting on mobile phones. Identify three problems and illustrate solutions to these problems.
Five icons were given from “UN Sustainable Goals for 2018”.

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