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B.Arch and M.Arch Portfolio Making

M.Arch Portfolio Creation 

Portfolio Creation Classes for B.Arch, B.Des, M.Arch, M.Des, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Product Design Graduates / Students

Portfolios preparation help is provided for admissions into Architecture, Design  and Art schools for Undergraduate  programs abroad for Class XI & Class XII students.

We also help the students of 3rd/ 4th/ 5th year of Architecture and Interior Design to select their best work for internship and job portfolios. Further help is provided to setup and arrange the portfolio in an aesthetic manner for presentation to various organisations for job or further studies (M.Arch / M.Des)

The students are given classes as per their requirement to curate the portfolio according to the requirement of the recruiter ( internship or job) or the college (M.Arch / M.Des).

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b.arch M.Arch Portfolio Creation Designers

  • Portfolio submission is a mandatory component of the graduation process for all architecture and design courses. 
  • Creative Sciences offers a course for ‘Portfolio Creation’ which is an intensive visualisation skill based course that requires dedication and commitment on part of the student. 
  • This course aims to develop the student’s ability to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings about their ‘Design field’ in a visual form.
  • The Design portfolio is not simply a collection of your work. Rather, it is a personal statement of creative ability and design thinking. The portfolio is a self-presentation tool that creatively communicates your ‘Design Outlook’ and the level of development through a variety of media and skill sets. The portfolio should include a selection of design works and at-least one example of the development of design work in the area of your expertise ( architecture, interior, fashion, product, interaction etc design).
  • Please remember that there is no typical model portfolio. You must remember that the reviewer is curious to see your best work and will make decision based on the creative display.
  • You should never copy other people’s work and involve yourselves in any unethical practice  and plagiarism.

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