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Interior Styling Online Short Course

Institute: Institute Of Creative Sciences
Taught by: Dr Anindita Roy
Course : Interior Styling


Interior stylists work across a variety of projects from residential interiors to commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels and show homes. Their skills can take them into other areas such as displays for homeware retailers, interior photo shoots and event styling.

Interior styling is the art of curating furnishings, textures, finishes, lighting and accessories, amongst a plethora of contemporary and antique products. Pleasing aesthetics, functional design and sustainability will be the core.

It is a useful skill for interior designers, as well as being a stand-alone career in  the media, property, and design sectors.

This course provides a 5 Week introduction to interior styling's visual principles, materials and their application.

Topics covered

·         You will be set a variety of  skills based projects.
·         There will be lectures on styling methods and techniques.
·         You will be asked to interpret a brief, develop a concept, and present it for feedback and discussion each week
·         We will look at how to keep informed of trends and place to look for trend inspiration.
·         We will also look at styling compositions and arrangements leading to a room set design.
·         We will look at how to style furniture, soft furnishings, flowers and foliage, patterns, paint, vases, ornaments, lighting, room layout and more.
·         You will practice photography for interior styling, and learn the importance of social media for stylists.
·         Considerations for working as a freelancer will be introduced in the final session and materials supplied to help you to develop your skills base.


The course aims to introduce you to the important principles of spatial composition and design in order to make your own choices and propose your own interior styling solutions. By the end you should gain a better understanding of interior styling and be able to apply this to your own projects.

Who is Interior Styling (Online Short Course) for?

This online interior design course is ideal for:

·         Interior designers with an interest in developing interior styling skills.
·         Individuals looking for tips and insights that they may wish to apply to their own homes.
·         Those looking to learn the fundamentals of interior styling and the associated products they will potentially be working with.
·         Property developers looking to develop their own show homes.

Why Choose Our Online Short Course

Our online learning short courses allow you to experience wherever you are in the world. Additionally  our  ‘Online Short Course’ includes:

ü  Live sessions with expert
ü  Lesson recordings
ü  Practical assignments
ü  Personal feedback
ü  Course content Outlines
ü  Forums for support
ü  BAC (British Accreditation Council) Certificate upon completion

Level: Beginner

Please note:
ü  All courses are taught in India time.
ü  This course is for students aged 18 and older. There is no age limit.


Fundamentals, concepts & practical implementation of interior styling in this IOA Interior Design & Home Styling course, immerse yourself in the fundamentals, design concepts and practical implementation of this area of interior design. Learn:

ü  How to analyze a space for design
ü  What elements to consider first?
ü  What to take into account when choosing design features
ü  How to working with practical building features and utilities
ü  How to use a space & flow chart to plan your project
ü  Once you’ve learned the design principles, created the structure to your project and formulated a design concept, it’s time to move on to the more fun elements of interior design.

We’ll take you through:

ü  Balancing space and function with style
ü  Choosing harmonizing/contrasting or feature materials for floors and walls
ü  Blending lighting with your overall design concept
ü  Using a color wheel to choose winning color combinations
ü  Choosing fabrics, textures & patterns that please clients senses
ü  Materials

Please keep with you in the first session:

ü  Ruler
ü  Pencils, Eraser, Shaper
ü  Colour pencils
ü  Black gel pen
ü  Notebook
ü  Sketchbook (A4)

Magazines will be used for research and some will be supplied(online) but you may want to bring in your own issues if there are any particularly inspiration shoots you have seen.

Later in the course: You will be required to source a selection of objects for the photoshoot project.

Technical requirements:
Prior to the start of your course, please ensure:
ü   You have a headset and microphone attached to your computer.
ü   You have a webcam
ü   Your browser has a recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.


Visit the YouTube Link For Further Understanding the course

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