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Transform - A Leadership Program To Make You Future Ready 

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This structured outdoor program is aimed at enhancing the Emotional, Physical & Mental abilities of an individual. 
It brings out the fears and builds on the strengths of an individual. The program initiates positive mind shift aided with manifestation of sensory organs, activities aligning left and right brain. 
The inbuilt Art Therapy Program makes you understand your anxiety & stress triggers and teaches you to manage it. 
Mountaineering treks and wilderness wander teaches you the value of fitness in life along with survival skills and helps you find your North. 
It not only tests and Enhances Your Endurance Levels but also teaches you to face success and failure as part of life. 
The SSB module aids your rational and critical  thinking abilities. 
These 14 days are set to transform your life in real-life measurable terms.  The program makes you Future ready as you understand yourself better to channelize energies to face life and future better. 
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For School & College Groups

& Individuals who would like to transform their lives

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